Sunday, 31 May 2015

Book Review: The Torn Up Marriage

The Torn Up Marriage
by Caroline Roberts

Published: March 2015 by Harper Impulse
Formats: ebook & paperback
Why do we hurt the ones we love, and can there ever be a way back?

“The Torn Up Marriage” is about betrayal, complacency, love and loss, and that key instinct to protect your family. But what happens when you tear that family apart? Kate and Michael are about to find out as they cope with the crushing fallout of his affair, whilst trying to protect their two young children. This powerful and poignant novel captures the explosiveness of everyday life and what it is to be human; to make mistakes.

Set in the historic town of Alnwick, Northumberland, with its stunning backdrop of castles, moorland hills and coastline, this relationship story of love and family takes you in a rollercoaster ride of emotions along with Kate and Michael.

Michael’s mother’s battle with breast cancer shatters them all, yet shows them how precious life, love and family is. Can they find a way back and fight for their battered yet enduring love?
So, what would you do if it happened to you? Could you betray? Could you forgive?
I enjoyed Ms Robert's writing style and soon became invested in all the characters. The story is full of emotion as the characters wonder how they got to where they are in their lives.

Kate becomes more and more dependent on alcohol and turns away from her friends after the shock of Michael leaving her. Gradually she starts to pull herself together and accepts that her marriage is over. I liked Kate. She had always appeared tough and in control to Michael, but he sees a different, vulnerable side to her

It is obvious that Kate and Michael still love each other but I wasn't sure, right up until the end, whether Kate would forgive him enough to give them another chance, and I won't spoil things by telling you whether she does.

I loved the raw emotion of this story and it kept me reading until late into the night. I give the Torn Up Marriage 5 stars out of 5.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Book Review: From Italy With Love

From Italy With Love
by Jules Wake

Published: May 2015 by Harper Impulse
Format: ebook
'To my niece I leave the Ferrari GT250… On the proviso that she takes it across Europe to Maranello within the next three weeks. Only on successful completion of the journey to a prescribed route, will the car be hers…’

Home-loving Laurie thinks she’s happy – she has a safe, reliable boyfriend and working in her local library is what she thought she always wanted. That is until she inherits a vintage Ferrari from her eccentric Uncle Miles and the conditions of the inheritance are far from simple. To keep the car Laurie will have to drive across Europe with the gorgeous but unreliable Cameron Matthews as her guide… and Cam’s motives for helping are not all that altruistic.

Cam isn’t particularly thrilled about escorting his late pal Miles’ dull mouse of a niece on this wild goose chase but all he has to do is get Laurie safely to Italy and he’s sure the Ferrari is his.

But Uncle Miles had a few tricks up his sleeve and the route he’s planned takes Cam and Laurie on a road trip they’ll never forget. From sampling the delights of the Loire Valley to the breathtaking beauty of Lake Garda, this is one journey that has more twists and turns than either of them could ever have imagined…
This book hooked me from the first chapter and I settled down in my favourite chair knowing I was in for an enjoyable read. By the end of the story I felt as though I had been on a whistle-stop drive through France and Italy and was completely in love with the Ferrari.

Cam has to be one of my favourite heroes. He is super good-looking, sexy and has a wicked sense of humour, unlike Robert, Laurie's serious boyfriend. I loved seeing Laurie change as the journey progressed and the way she tried things she would never have done before taking on Uncle Miles' challenge.

Miss Wake's forte is her characterisation and I couldn't stop wondering about Laurie and Cam long after I had finished the book.

If you want a fun, holiday read to make you smile, I heartily recommend this book.

I thoroughly enjoyed Laurie and Cam's story and give this book 5 out of 5.

Thank you Netgalley and Harper Impulse for giving me the opportunity to read it.

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