Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Book Review: Mistletoe and the Lost Stiletto

Mistletoe and the Lost Stiletto
Liz Fielding

Published: November 2010 by Mills & Boon
Format: Paperback
ISBN-10: 0263888479
ISBN-13: 978-0263888478
Lucy Bright can't believe it when she's plucked from secretarial obscurity and transformed into the pampered fiancée of a slick retail guru. But then she discovers it was all a publicity stunt! Rushing away from the media frenzy, she bumps - literally - into delicious tycoon Nathaniel Hart...

Spooked by their instantaneous chemistry, Lucy flees - but Nathaniel is determined to find his barefoot beauty. Though all he has is one very expensive red designer stiletto to help him!
Ms Fielding gives the Cinderella story a fun, modern twist with a social networking heroine.

Lucy Bright has everything. She thinks she's met her Prince Charming and after a whirlwind romance is planning a fairytale wedding. But a chance discovery exposes her Prince for the frog he really is and her new world comes crashing down.

She makes her escape into a large department store but loses one of her Christian Louboutin stilettos along the way and bumps into retail magnate Nathaniel Hart. She disappears again and hides out in his store, but neither of them can ignore the instant attraction they feel.

I love Lucy B - she's fresh, vulnerable and says what she thinks even though she knows she probably shouldn't. Nathaniel is a gorgeous tortured hero punishing himself for something that happened in his past. Together they are perfect - each one rescuing the other.

Ms Fielding yet again delivers a beautifully written story full of emotion, with characters I will remember long after finishing it. The final scene had me closing the book with that warm glow and satisfied 'aah' that all romance readers are looking for and all aspiring romance writers wish they could achieve. Frankly, I am in awe!

Thank you Ms Fielding for such an enjoyable unputdownable read and for a masterclass in how a romance novel should be written.

I give this book 5 out of 5. It is one of my favourites this year and now firmly on my keeper shelf. I recommend it to all romance fans who want a feel-good Christmassy read.

Thanks Liz for being kind enough to send me a copy of this book.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Great review, Jude. I have never actually read a Mills &Boon book believe it or not, so this review may have made this my first one on my Christmas list!

Jude said... [Reply to comment]

Hi @Lucie Thanks. It's a great read, I really enjoyed it.

J x

Lacey Devlin said... [Reply to comment]

Fabulous choice. You can't go wrong with Liz!

Jude said... [Reply to comment]

Hi @Lacey Devlin Quite agree :D

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