Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Reaching for the Stars - The Video

Look what I found while I was procrastinating researching on t'internet. Came across this lovely interview with Janice Horton, the author of Reaching for the Stars.

Janice's new novella Voodoo Wedding has just been released, I can't wait to read it after enjoying How do you Voodoo?


Janice said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my goodness Jude! I couldn't help but collapse in a fit of suprised giggles when I happened to see your post! Thank you so much for posting my debut TV appearance - which all came about after I'd written an article on 'Researching Romance'(in the kichens of some top chefs) for Romance Matters Magazine (The magazine of the Romantic Novelist's Association) a couple of years back now and a BBC Producer read it and contacted me to do a short new feature. Just goes to show that sometimes one thing just leads to another!!

Love Janice xx

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

What a great piece I loved it! Oh and what a beautiful place to live. I'm so jealous - just gorgeous. Well done!

Linn B Halton and Lucy Coleman said... [Reply to comment]

It just goes to show that every single thing posted to the internet is there forever! But this is fabulous Janice! So glad to have caught this.

Emma Calin said... [Reply to comment]

What a fantastic feature - perhaps they will do a follow up? You live in a beautiful part of the country - what an inspiration!

Jude said... [Reply to comment]

It's a lovely interview and I couldn't resist linking to it. The post was meant to go live on Voodoo Wedding launch day, but of course being a techno twit I messed up, still better late than never. J x

Sheryl Browne said... [Reply to comment]

So when did you say I come come and stay, Janice? Love it! What a totally professional interview! Well done you! :) xx

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