Monday, 1 July 2013

Book Review: One Night with the Enemy

One Night with the Enemy
by Abby Green

Published: August 2012 by Harlequin Mills & Boon
Format: Paperback & ebook
ISBN-13: 9780263891010

In Argentina’s breathtaking vineyards … Nicol├ís de Rojas and Madalena Vasquez had a stolen affair amongst the Mendozan vineyards – until Maddie discovered a devastating secret about Nic, and left without another word. He will have her once again! Now Maddie is back, having inherited her family’s struggling vineyard, and she’s at Nic’s mercy – right where he wants her. He’s one of Argentina’s most successful vintners, and Maddie desperately needs Nic’s help. But will she agree to his condition? One exquisite night with him … to finish what they started eight years ago …
One of my favourite stories of all time is Romeo and Juliet, and this novel gives a modern twist to Shakespeare's play.

The de Rojas and Vasquez families have been feuding for so long that no one is quite sure how it all started. Eight years previously, Nic and Maddie's relationship was forbidden and the consequences of it left them both badly hurt. Now Maddie has returned home to Argentina to try and rescue the family vineyard that has been neglected by her late father. But Nic will do everything he can to get rid of her and get her out of his life before she can hurt him again like she did all those years before.

I really enjoyed this story and Ms Green wrings out every ounce of emotion throughout the book. Plus she throws in some interesting little details about wine making (my field of expertise is more on the drinking side).

I couldn't put this book down once I'd started it. I can see why it was M&B's Book of the Month and give it 5 out of 5.


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