Friday, 25 July 2014

Book Review: Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon
by J.R. Burnett

Published: 2014 by J.R. Burnett
Format: ebook
ISBN-13: 9781310206313
As head of the midwest division of Occult Animal Control, Alex Ford doesn't know the meaning of a boring day at work. From exposing dragon fighting rings to trapping pesky unicorns...there's never a dull moment.

As a snow storm rolls into Tulsa, Alex discovers the mangled remains of a Shifter--the likes of which hasn't been seen in the city for nearly two years. Racing against the full moon, Alex must try to save the wolves from themselves. Can he put aside all of his prejudices to protect those he has hated and can his fourlegged partner do the same?

Wolf Moon is a novelette of approximately 11,580 words and is part of the Furred, Feathered, and Fanged series.
I normally read romance, but thought that I would give something a little different a try.

I really enjoyed Wolf Moon and liked the concept of animal control for paranormal creatures. Loved the engaging characters and was drawn into the story by the author's 'voice'. I felt like I was there along with Alex and his companions and could feel the tension building as the story progressed.

Even though this is a novelette it didn't feel like the story was rushed or cut short. Can't wait for the next story in the Furred, Feathered and Fanged series to find out what happens next to Alex and his team.

If you want a well written, quick read and are into paranormal or urban fantasy, then I can recommend this book and give it 5 out of 5.


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