Friday, 18 July 2014

Five more things I learned at the RNA Conference: self-publishing

On the Saturday afternoon of the conference, Ian Skillicorn gave an excellent talk on epublishing. This was one of the most useful sessions of the weekend and I picked up lots of tips.

  • Photographic covers are more popular for contemporary romance.
  • Use keywords in the book's subtitle.
  • This will help your book get found on Amazon. You should also put your metadata into your Word file (click on file > properties) before it's converted.
  • Have a pricing strategy.
  • Make a list of similar books to yours, where they are in the sales rank and check their prices - what happens to their rank when the price changes.
  • If using Microsoft Word, format your ebook using Word's styles function.
  • Use a 'Heading' style for chapter headers - this makes it easier when you come to compose your table of contents.
  • Your marketing strategy needs to be in place before publication, but don't put links up to your book until it is available.
Thank you to Ian Skillicorn of Corazon Books for his talk on publishing and marketing ebooks.


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